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Women’s History Month

Mar 29, 2022

There are places I’ll remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain

~The Beatles

Although I do not participate in any Women’s History Month events, it’s always a good reminder to think about the significant strides women have made throughout history and who were some of the more prominent voices and advocates of women’s rights.  And it seems to me that during Women’s History Month, specific women are rarely mentioned, it’s more a generalized ‘let’s celebrate all women’ kind of month.  While that’s noble and all things good, I think we should take a look at our own personal history and be grateful for the women who have helped shaped us.

Women’s History Month is explained as a time to reflect on the courage of women in past generations and to celebrate how their efforts and bravery afforded women the opportunities and freedoms they have today.

How could I possibly do this without reflecting on the women in my life, of past generations.  As without them, there would be no “me”.


From my mom


To my Aunt’s (+ my mom and dad)


To more Aunt’s (+my mom and dad)


To my Grandma


To my Great-Grandma


To women who have made lasting impressions on me both creatively and academically.  Although the list could be long, indeed, here are some, in no particular order:

Dolly Parton  ~ I’ve always loved her for some reason

Alanis Morisette ~ her music was iconic in the 80’s

Mrs. Schut  ~ my 9th grade English Lit teacher who taught me a love of Shakespeare

Sister Marie Kathleen ~ my 1st/2nd grade teacher who was so incredibly kind and soft spoken

I can’t remember her name but she was a college professor at GVSU and she took me aside and told me that she believed I could “do great things” with my writings, and we would sit and chat about life after class.  She was really great.

Judy Blume ~ author of ‘Are you there God?  It’s Me Margaret’, a coming-of-age book

Joan Benoit ~ First woman marathon runner that I can remember


As the Beatles would say, ‘In my life, I’ve loved them all’.

With love from Grand Haven, Michigan,

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