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Our Story

Wholesome skincare
from our harvest to your hands.

Harvest + Harmony delivers small batch, traditionally crafted soaps and scrubs that clean and nourish for a wholesome and indulgent experience that can be incorporated into your everyday rituals.

Cold Process Goat Milk Soaps

Our line of decadent goat milk soaps feature locally harvested, farm fresh ingredients that offer a range of benefits in a variety of aromas. By using the traditional cold pressed process, we’re able to ensure that the nourishing oils found in our bars remain intact to provide a rich, therapeutic lather. Though this is a time-consuming process, we think you’re worth it!

Small Batch Scrubs

Our lush body scrubs are formulated with natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients in small, thoughtfully made batches. Perfect for a variety of skin types, these gentle yet effective exfoliators, buff away dead skin to reveal smooth and glowing results.

A Nourishing Clean

In today’s environment where washing hands more often keeps everyone healthier, why not treat yourself to something a bit special? Our handcrafted soaps and scrubs offer benefits beyond deep cleaning and purification such as skin soothing, revitalization, and moisturization.


To nourish the mind, body, and spirit through wholesome, refreshing, responsibly-sourced skincare products.

About the Founder

Midwest Farmer's Daughter + Skincare Enthusiast

Julie is a 6th generation farm girl raised on a fruit farm in Michigan’s Apple Country. The area she grew up in is called ‘The Ridge’ as it sits high geographically in an area that was formed by glaciers.

“It’s hard to imagine growing up in a more pastoral area, with high rolling hills filled with fruit trees and other grain crops” reflects Julie.

Though she proudly refers to herself as a farm girl, Julie has always been a bit of an anomaly. Captivated by the arts, fashion, and beauty from a young age, she left the farm to pursue her dreams in college and the corporate world. Her deep roots and entrepreneurial spirit eventually led her back home. It was her interest in the beauty and fashion world that first inspired her to develop her own soaps and scrubs.

Frustrated with a lack of beauty products that delivered both a luxurious experience and spoke to her Midwestern values, Julie started perfecting her own line of skincare products utilizing a thoughtful responsible process.

About the Founder

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