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Rose Petal Goat Milk Soap with Artisan Soap Dish

soap + dish bundle


16 oz

19 in stock

Pair a handcrafted white glazed ceramic soap dish with your favorite bar of soap: Rose Petal. This set makes a perfect gift!

Rose Petal Goat Milk Soap

Featuring skin-loving natural rose oil, this artisan soap boasts both moisturizing and astringent properties that cleanse, calm, and tone skin without drying. The plentiful antioxidants, like Vitamin C, found in roses also offer a nourishing boost to overall skin health; soothing and strengthening for a radiant glow.

The rich moisturizing properties of roses, in combination with our cold process goat milk soap base, make this soap suitable for dry and sensitive skin types.

White Glazed Soap Dish

The 4.5 ” x 5.5” soap dish was made in collaboration with a local Grand Haven ceramic artist just for our soaps and features unique detailing, a smooth white glaze, and is stamped with the Harvest + Harmony brand. The minimalist style and color of the dish compliment any style of bath or kitchen décor.

Please note: Each soap dish is unique as it is thoughtfully crafted and glazed by hand.


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