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Dog Days of Summer

Jul 20, 2021

As we enter into the dog days of summer, I can’t help but wonder if most people don’t know why these hot, sultry days of summer are called ‘dog days’.  Because I’m so nice, and a bit of a nerd, I’ll fill you in.

The Sirius star is the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere.  The Sirius star is also called the ‘dog star’ because it is part of the constellation Canis Major.  You can also recall the logo for Sirius radio for reference :).  During this time of summer, roughly mid-July to mid-August, the sun is also closest to the earth, so it is big and hot and bright.  For whatever reason, this is also the time that the Sirius star (dog star) aligns with the sun and rises and sets at the same time.  Because of this phenomenon, the ancient Greeks believed that the brightness of the Sirius star combined with the brightness of the sun created the hot, sultry, hazy, long days of the summer season, and because the sun combined with the ‘dog star’, it was referred to as the ‘dog days of summer’.  It’s the hottest, longest, steamiest, sweatiest time of the year.

Here is where Harvest + Harmony can come in and help y’all.  Because it’s so hot and sweaty, and we are enjoying all the outdoor time we can, especially in Michigan, we will want to cool off with a shower or at the very least, wash our hands continuously as we are working in our gardens or in our yard.  Things get dusty and dirty and sticky during the dog days of summer, and soap is necessary to clean up!  So why not clean up with a super luxury soap, that will not only clean your hands, but moisturize them as well.  Treat yourself and your body to something kind during these dog days of summer.


We hope you love our soaps.  We hope you treat yourself to the luxurious feel and suds during these steamy days of summer.  We hope you treat your hands and feet well, always.  We hope you try Harvest + Harmony and let us know your thoughts because we will listen.  We love our customers and want to be your small indulgence into everyday life.

Also, coming soon ***dog soap/shampoo***.  Because Sirius-ly, they deserve it.


For your viewing pleasure, check out me and Puppy during Dog Days of Summer:



With love from Grand Haven, Michigan,

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