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Just Use Soap

May 21, 2021

So, apparently, the FDA just issued another warning about a number of hand sanitizers that were not only unsafe, but toxic.  Most of these hand sanitizers came from Mexico and most lied on the labeling.  The biggest violation had to do with stating that it contained ethanol (SAFE) but in reality it contained methanol (UNSAFE).  Huge violations, in my opinion.  I mean, labels should mean something.  And in some cases, all product was seized at the border and not allowed in.  It almost sounds more like a drug cartel seizure than a simple hand sanitizer.  And what really upsets me is that we were told to use this at every store we entered and now we are finding out that it is quite unsafe.

What’s the problem?  Methanol content is cited as the reason for 12 of the 13 latest additions by FDA to its ‘do not use’ hand sanitizer list.  Methanol is bad stuff and should NOT be an ingredient in hand sanitizer.  Why is it swapped out?  Because it’s cheap.  And easy to get.

Just so you know, this brings the total number of entries to the do not use list to 249 as of May 20, 2021!  I mean, THAT. IS. A. LOT.  In addition, the administ­ration issued one warning letter for a hand sanitizer disinfectant gel containing ~65% methanol that was detained at the U.​S. border, because they lied on the labeling.  Think about that ~ 65% methanol.  We need to know what we are putting on our skin and especially our hands.

If you are paying attention to hand sanitizers, here are additions to the ‘Do Not Use’ List According to the FDA

Use the link to see all the latest additions + all of those that have previously been banned here in the USA.  If you are not paying close attention, don’t purchase any of them and simply walk past the hand sanitizer pump at the store.

Keep in mind that the very best way to stop the spread of germs and keep you hands clean is to wash them with soap and water.  That’s it.  And if I had my way, I would want you to use Harvest + Harmony soap.  We care about your hands and your health. You will be protected as best you can, your hands will feel great, and you will love the fragrance.



With love from Grand Haven, Michigan,

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