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We Begin By Holding Hands

Feb 1, 2021

All great relationships begin by the simple pleasure of holding hands.  From children holding parents hands, to first dates, to hand-shaking deals, to grabbing someone’s hand if they are starting to fall, to asking someone to squeeze your hand if you can hear them, to holding grandparents hands to help them walk.  Holding hands is intimate and comforting and meaningful.  Hands are often shown in works of art to depict a feeling, without using words.  A cool description of hands in art is from the curator at The Met.  Here’s the link:

Hands | Connections | The Metropolitan Museum of Art (metmuseum.org)



“But at the same time I’m fascinated and really kind of turned on by rugged, dirty hands that show this is a person that works.” 

~Alice Schwartz, Metropolitan Museum of Art



The reason I bring up hands in one of the first blogs is to signify their importance in creating Harvest + Harmony.  The saying goes that you should always put your best foot forward.  I’d like to challenge that a bit by saying you should always put your best hands forward, as that’s what you are presenting to others.  Feet are important for sure, yet hands tell the story.  Who doesn’t love the hard-working hands of a gardener or farmer after a day in the dirt?  And who doesn’t appreciate the weathered look of our grandparent’s hands?  And the beauty of a well-manicured hand, with colorful nail polish?  In 2020 we were reminded of the importance of washing our hands to combat the spread of the virus, so hands once again became center stage in our grooming and in our daily/hourly/minute-by-minute hygiene efforts.


When a child is born, one of the first things we do is count their fingers, and their toes. It’s as if we know the importance of every finger ~ they all serve a distinct purpose.  If you are lucky enough to have all of yours, count your blessings.  I know people who have lost a finger or who have lost sensation in their fingertips describe how they never realized how much they miss it, never realizing or appreciating how perfectly made hands are.

So, hands.  Treat them well.  Give ‘em special attention.  And the simple step of treating your hands to some of our delicious soaps will show them how much you love them.  Our soaps are filled with softening oils and emollients and cleaning agents that make it easy to take care of your hands.  It’s a simple, everyday thing to do that makes you and your hands feel oh so special.

As we begin our relationship, I am asking you to ‘hold my hand’ and trust that I will give you the most up-to-date information and best possible products that I can.   I look forward to our journey, together.


With love from Grand Haven, Michigan,

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